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'RAGMAG' Recording Artists Guild Digital Magazine - April 19, 2024

"Got Good Friends" (Acoustic) was awesome! This was honest, fun, colorful and had tons of character!

I love the vibes this puts out and that honesty was addictive! Great vocal performance!


🔥 WRCO Radio 🚬 Cigarettes and Bad Decisions 🚬 - July 16, 2022

Dude, I just have to tell you - and I am VERY partial to your previous hits (the Spring Break song "State Line" is my go-to when I tell people about your music) BUT Cigarettes and Bad Decisions may be the best song I have from you to date - Dang it that thing ROCKS!!!! - Adam D. Hess - WRCO FM - Richland Center, WI.


Zone Radio South Africa - May 13, 2021

"Thank you for sending us “Forever in Your Arms” by Timothy Craig. This fellow is simply incredible  …

World Class!!! This email serves to confirm that it will be officially play-listed on Zone Radio on Monday

17 May 2021 and will be added to the Zone Radio rotation for a period of 4 weeks. The song will also be featured on the SA & Indie Music Zone presented by Judy Roberson on 18 May 2021 between 6 & 9 pm

(SA time)." Richard Griggs - Zone Radio 88.5 FM - South Africa


Re: New Single "Say You'll Come With Me" - July 10, 2019

"Adding to rotation playlist on indie station... awesome song... just playing it over and over... lol Thanks Monie" Indie & Country Music with Monie & Cynthia - UK Radio -


Ocean Beach Radio on Timothy's New EP Semi Gloss - June 8, 2019

"Timothy Craig has the rare talent to concisely write a song and get you to volunteer to come along for the ride." "Crisp writing, great vocals, good story lines and superb players and production make Craig stand out." "He is worth a good long listen."  Ernie Hopseker - Ocean Beach Radio - Newport, OR

Way Out Radio in the United Kingdom on the One Small Miracle music video
- June 29, 2017
Wow! ... For once, a video that actually emphasizes the lyrics of a song! ... "One Small Miracle" is really brought to life with the aid of this video! ... I just wish that other bands/artistes/producers would put this much thought into their video productions! ... (Normally, the videos dreadfully detract the listener from the music/lyrics!) Most of the people who do music videos just can't seem to get the balance between visual & audio correct - which is a crying shame because, if the two don't compliment each other, the music can, & usually does, get totally lost! ... And it's because of this that, when I get asked about visuals for music tracks, I always advise against them! ... But in the case of "One Small Miracle" - it's spot on! -Count- (Way Out Radio is a Radio Station located in the UK)
Radio A1A Florida Keys - "One Small Miracle" - May 10, 2016
"Sometimes we get music submitted to us at Radio A1A that isn't quite 'Trop Rock' but is just so damned good we can't ignore it". Harry Teaford, Geneal Manager on Timothy's song "One Small Miracle" from his album 360.
THE ROCKER (UK) The new home of Zeitgeist and The Rocker
Timothy Craig, 360 Degrees - By Stuart A. Hamilton,  Posted on May 5, 2015

It’s album number seven from Timothy Craig, albeit the first of his that I’ve heard, and it’s easy to see how he would fit comfortably into the US market.  He’s got hints of the traditional under his hat, but he’s also savvy enough to aim at the wide open spaces populated by roots rockers and All American boys. He’s also got the songs to pull it off, and knows how to tug at a heartland heartstring, with the likes of ‘Crime Of The Century’ and the big ballad ‘One Small Miracle’ easy to place on a radio playlist. More traditional fans will take to the fiddle on ‘Flesh n’ Blood’ and the mandolin on ‘Don’t Walk Away’, but whichever groove you drop the needle in, you’re sure to find something to enjoy.

Get Ready To Rock! The UK Website for Classic, Metal & Progressive Rock Album review: TIMOTHY CRAIG – 360 Degrees,  Posted on April 16, 2015

Timothy’s heartfelt songs have enough booming hooks to draw the listener in to his narratives. ‘360 Degrees’ is his 7th album, and suggests he’s an accomplished singer songwriter and producer who has honed his craft in tandem with a slick band, on an album that has a consistent flow and resonating sound. Timothy’s songs strike a balance between optimism, wonder and realism, as he moves from the broken relationship song of ‘Crime Of The Century’, the emotive ballad ‘One Small Miracle’ and the confident rocker ‘Learning To Live Without You’, to the optimistic summery feel of ‘State Line’ and the Springsteen style grandeur of ‘Stand Still’. ... he’s a melodic rocker who keeps one foot solidly in the contemporary Nashville camp as evidenced by the hard rock driven, but country tinged opener ‘Flesh n’ Blood’, on which Wanda Vicks’ feverish violin and Donny Roberts ripping guitar work pushes the arrangement to the limit. The opening mandolin line of ‘Don’t Walk Away’ gives the song its rootsy feel alongside big twanging chords, call and response vocals and a catchy hook .... ‘One Small Miracle’ is the album highlight and is reason enough to buy the album. A sonorous violin line, an aching vocal, some subtly woven dynamics and a defining lyric segue into the enveloping hook, as Timothy’s vocal soars: “I’m running out of answers, what am I supposed to do, Is there anybody up there, can’t you hear my voice, can’t you feel my pain, someone send me an angel, someone send me angel”. The banjo led ‘Smell The Roses’ is almost equally good, with a big back beat and prickly lyrics:  “I’m not in love, so I’m not in pain, but I feel they could be two the same, I’m not in heaven, no no,  and I’m not in hell, but sometimes it gets so hard to tell”. Former Web Wilder guitarist Donny Roberts adds chiming, sparkling lines over which Timothy emotes expressively.  ‘Learning to Live’ opens with a contrasting violin intro and another big drum sound, but settles on being a mid tempo rocker with a sweeping hook and big wall of sound, while the snappy ‘Can’t You Feel My Heart’ is a mid tempo melodic country rocker. Timothy Craig is a free spirited heartfelt songwriter who ... has the ability to emotionally engage us .... ****

Review by Pete Feenstra

PD Gator Harrison (WUSY 101 Chattanooga, TN) regarding "One Small Miracle",   February, 2011

"I'm a huge acoustic fan so I loved it. Very honest and compelling vocals. Thank You for sharing it with me."

DISClaimer by Robert K. Oermann @ Music Row
(Nashville's Music Industry Publication) - December, 2009

 TIMOTHY CRAIG / One Small Miracle (Acoustic)
Writer: Timothy Craig;
Producer: Tom Harding & Timothy Craig;
Publisher: Timothy Craig Music ASCAP;
Ball & Chain Entertainment (track) (

It is "ballad" week here on Music Row.
Steve Azar, Alan Jackson, John Anderson, Carrie Underwood, Timothy Craig, Josh Canova and John Fogerty are all vying for your attention with slower-paced outings. -This acoustic ballad of pleading and yearning is Craig's finest single to date. I like the simplicity of the organ/accordion/guitar arrangement as well as his heartfelt vocal. It is a benefit disc for St. Jude's.


Cindy Hayward, Music Director from KMOK (Lewiston, Idaho) - September, 2009

"I listened to your music and I love it! Great melodies with lyrics that hold your attention and touch your heart. "Tell Me Where It Hurts" is definitely my favorite out of all of them, but they are all great! Thanks for sharing your wonderful talent with all of us! Your music is awesome!"

Los Angeles based Music Connection Magazine - September, 2005

"Timothy Craig has the voice, sound and charisma of a future star" "Craig has a voice that cuts forcefully through the instrumentation, with just the right blend of smoothness and roughness" "They play off each other with thrashing chords and gunfire rhythms, much to the delight of the audience"


Press & Comments Most Memorable!                                                                          


- 2015 -

     Timothy Craig’s sixth studio album ‘360°’ is – unfortunately I have to confess – the first of his records to come to my attention.  The Country Rock musician from Ft. Myers, Florida has shown his extra commitment to music by being a Sterling member of the CMA, the Recording Academy and by contributing to a large number of events with his work.  To me, it’s not quite a miracle that Craig is in such high demand all over the place since his way to write and play music is redolent of a mixture of Jimmy Barnes, Bob Seger, Bruce Springsteen and Tom Petty.

      ‘360°’ comes along as a very well balanced record and is certainly showing off the influences of the aforementioned great role models.  Aiming and firing straight at the hearts of Country Rock lovers, he opens the record with upbeat ‘Flesh ‘N’ Blood’, where a dominating violin meets crisp sounding Rock guitar. ‘Crime Of The Century’ deals with the topic of a broken relationship and is a song that you’d expect to hear at a typical Country bar in Tennessee, where Stetson-wearing fellows jiggle their feet to the beat (sorry for using stereotype pictures here).

      The beautiful mandolin that has been added to ‘Don’t Walk Away’ gives the song a great feeling whilst the catchy call-and-respond chorus settles in your head immediately.  The impulsive ‘The Closer I Get’ (great lyrics!), banjo-infused ‘Smell The Roses’, the rich Rock and Country contrasts ‘Learning To Live Without You’, the summer-like, Country-punched ‘State Line’ and deep but lively ‘Can’t You Feel My Heart’ are all equally strong tracks.  There are no real surprises but nevertheless they all feature refreshing diversity in instrumentation and topics.

      ‘One Small Miracle’ is certainly, and surprisingly, the absolute highlight; I have to say surprisingly since I wouldn’t normally refer to a ballad as the strongest song but this one is outstanding.  A beautiful violin, accompanied by an acoustic guitar and highly emotive lyrics resound from the speakers while Craig’s rough, throaty an passionate voice is reaching out to you; literally...”someone send me an angel…”

      The record closes, after about thirty-five minutes of play time, with the Springsteen-like ‘Stand Still’ and this is just another genre-comprehensive, very heartfelt track with catchy lyrics and guitars.

      ‘360°’ is a very fine record with a rather wide appeal.  Craig and his band of very skillful, devotedly and passionate musicians make the listener just float away on the topics and feelings of “broken promised land” thoughts, happiness yet sanguinity alongside contrasting doubt and wonder.

     The album as whole is a great product, even though the efforts of being “a bit too commercial” at times is something Craig surely doesn’t need to include in his song writing.

Julia Braun


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