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"Forever In Your Arms" Music Video - November 18 

Timothy just wrapped up shooting the music video for his new single "Forever In Your Arms"! The video was shot on Monday and Tuesday night with director Jeff Steinborn here in Nashville. It features Bonnie Valentine, who was also in Timothy's video "You Took The 'L' Out Of Lover Now It's Over". The video also features a string section with two cellist and two violinist. There are even a few friends of Timothy's spotted in one of the scenes. Peter Coleman and Brandon Epps are going to be mixing the song this Friday in Nashville and Jeff will be editing the video soon using the final mix and mastered version of the song. We are still planning on releasing the new single early January. It's gonna be great❤️


New Single Update - November 9

Timothy's new song "Forever In Your Arms", written with Billy Falcon, is scheduled to be mixed

here in Nashville on Friday, November 20th. Director Jeff Steinborn is going to start shooting 

the music video this Sunday. They will be using a rough mix of the song until the final mix by

Peter Coleman and mastering by Richard Dodd is finished. Jeff also directed and shot Timothy's most recent video for his song "You Took The 'L' Out Of Lover Now It's Over", which Timothy also co-wrote with Billy Falcon. The cover artwork for the song will be done by artist / illustrator 

Mike King. We are really looking forward to releasing the new single in early January, 2021. It will certainly be a great way to kick off the new year and say goodbye to 2020.    - Nashville, TN -


Strings on "Forever In Your Arms" - October 2

Today the very talented Jonathan Yudkin put strings (violin, viola & cello) on Timothy's new single "Forever In Your Arms". It really sounds amazing and made a huge difference with the whole feel of

the song! They were recorded by Brandon Epps at Treasure Isle Studios in Nashville.  All that's left to

do is mix, master and shoot the music video.

Studio Update - September 25

Timothy is still moving along on his new single "Forever In Your Arms". The song was written by Timothy & Billy Falcon (Billy is best known for all his Bon Jovi co-writes).  Just a few hours of overdubs left and it will be ready to mix and master. The song and video should be ready for release, just in time for the holidays!

Big Love from Tokyo & London - August 26 

Big Thank You to South Street Radio in Tokyo Japan & London UK! They will be featuring Timothy's

latest single "You Took The 'L' Out Of Lover Now It's Over" in their broadcast 'New Music Show 85' Playlist scheduled for this Friday 28th of August (from approx 6pm Japan Time / 10am UK Time / 5am N.Y. Time) Live from Tokyo. Sound Street Radio Website:

Check out the Music Video on YouTube:


The Shop Opens! - August 17

Timothy's website shop just opened for business today.  Just click on the SHOP button, we accept 

all major credit cards. Browse the showroom and check out all the TC Merchandise, including our

brand new hats!  We are currently only shipping within the USA.

"Forever In Your Arms" & New Zealand - August 1

Timothy went into Omni Recording Studio today in Nashville to start recording a song he wrote with Billy Falcon (Bon Jovi co-writes) called "Forever In Your Arms".  We are planning to release the single

along with a new music video sometime in October.  Great love / wedding song!

Galaxy 107 FM in New Zealand will be doing a live radio interview with Timothy in Nashville via Skype this Tuesday, August 4th. @ 5pm Central. They will be playing some tunes from his latest EP Semi Gloss and discussing his new single soon to be released "Forever In Your Arms".  Listen from their website!

No. 3 ❤️❤️❤️ July 3
Thank You Indie & Country Music with Monie & Cynthia in the UK and Radio Indie Alliance!

Timothy's latest single You Took The "L" Out Of Lover Now It's Over is currently at #3 on the

Radio Indie Alliance Chart. Watch the Music Video on YouTube: ❤️ 

#TCB #SemiGloss #TimothyCraig #UnitedKingdom #MoniesNewMusic #RadioIndieAlliance 

To learn more visit: 


Friday Flashback 😉 June 26
Three years ago today, "One Small Miracle" from Timothy's album 360 hit #1 on the Radio Indie Alliance Chart! Thanks to stations playing the song in both the US and UK the song hit #1 on June 26, 2017. Watch the Music Video that was released April, 2017 on YouTube: 

#FBF #TCB #TimothyCraig #OneSmallMiracle #UnitedKingdom #RadioIndieAlliance #FlashbackFriday 

Ready to Rock on Pandora - June 25

Hello Streamers! Timothy's music is Now Available on Pandora as a well as Spotify and Apple Music. Listen to his latest EP Semi Gloss and his six previous albums! #TCB #SemiGloss #TimothyCraig


UK Love - June 22

Thank You in the United Kingdom for adding our latest Single and Video

to your radio stations playlist! Watch the You Took The "L" Out Of Lover Now It's Over Music Video on YouTube: ❤️ #TCB #SemiGloss #TimothyCraig #UnitedKingdom

Rockin' the Rocky Mountains! - June 18

Thank You & in Colorado for adding Timothy's latest

single You Took The "L" Out Of Lover Now It's Over to your stations playlist! From the EP Semi Gloss,

Watch the Music Video on YouTube: ❤️

The Waiting is the hardest part - May 28

Timothy has been doing most of his waiting through this pandemic in Southwest Florida. Now that things have been re-opening some, he plans on heading to Nashville mid June and start recording a

new song. Timothy should have a new single ready to release to the world by October.


New Music Coming Soon - April 18

Timothy is planning to record and release a new single as soon as Nashville releases some of their restrictions. Yes, even studios in Nashville are not considered essential business. Timothy has already released five Albums and two EP's, including his most recent EP called Semi Gloss. There were always songs from those projects going out to radio stations around the world, but as Toby Keith and Sheryl Crow have stated, in today's music industry it makes more sense economically to record, release and promote just  a single. With streaming as the popular listening platform these days, most songs on an album don't get the attention like they may have gotten before streaming and mp3 downloads. Timothy's singles may also include releasing a music video for each song.

Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy!

All Shows Cancelled - March 17

Due to the coronavirus virus, the Timothy Craig Band has had to cancelled all shows. We certainly hope for the planet to make a speedy recovery and that all artists and bands will be back on the road soon!

Happy Saint Patrick's Day and God Bless!

Happy 2020! - January 1

Thanks to all the radio stations world wide that added songs from Timothy's new EP Semi Gloss in

2019. It was a great year and we are really looking forward to kicking off the New Year in Los Angeles with a TCB show in Burbank on January 4th. Hope everyone has a happy and healthy 2020.








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