Happy 2020! - January 1, 2020

Thanks to all the radio stations world wide that added songs from Timothy's new EP Semi Gloss in

2019. It was a great year and we are really looking forward to kicking off the New Year in Los Angeles with a TCB show in Burbank on January 4th. Hope everyone has a happy and healthy 2020.


Australia ❤️ New Zealand ❤️ November 5, 2019

Great Big Thanks to Banks Radio in Australia and Galaxy 107 FM in New Zealand, for adding all five songs from the new EP Semi Gloss over the past few months! Hope everyone checks out our new

Music Video, here's the YouTube Link: https://youtu.be/eG-zUN4jut8 
#TCB #Over #Lover #SemiGloss Isaac Banks Jr. Galaxy 107 FM

Semi Gloss in the Grammys - October 5, 2019

Timothy's new EP Semi Gloss is in the first round of this years Grammys! So if you're a voting

member be sure to give the project a listen. - FYC in American Roots Music - 45, 46, 47 & 69

Available Everywhere, Link to Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/7H21iBkQMDFCaJy34okAYC

#TCB #FYC #SemiGloss #Grammys


Big Love on the Radio! - October 4, 2019

Big Shout Out to some of the Radio Stations that just added our New Single "You Took

The "L" Out Of Lover Now It's Over"! Hope everyone checks out the New Music Video!

Ramona Cox at Monie's New Music in the UK, Barbara Harkins at Galaxy 107 FM in New Zealand,

Voice of the Valley 89.5 in Australia, Way Out Radio in the UK, Big Indie Giant in London, The Music Authority in Florida, WRCO in Wisconsin, American Veterans Radio and Karen's Indies in the United Kingdom. Thank You ❤️ #TCB #Over #Lover #SemiGloss


World Wide Debut of Timothy's New Music Video - Sept. 18, 2019

Today Timothy's new music video "You Took The "L" Out Of Lover Now It's Over" went out to the

world. From Timothy's new EP Semi Gloss, "You Took The "L" Out Of Lover Now It's Over" was written

by Timothy Craig and Billy Falcon. The video features the beautiful Actress/Model, Bonnie Valentine. Video Directed, Filmed and Edited by Jeff Steinborn. Assisted by Jonathan Fraser, Natalie Howard and Roger Fountain. The video concept was by Jeff Steinborn and Timothy Craig. Song Mixed by Peter Coleman. Mastered by Richard Dodd. Find it on YouTube!


Rockin' Nashville, Americana Music Festival Week - Sept. 15, 2019

Great time at Nashville's Douglas Corner Cafe' last night! It was a packed house with a lot of familiar faces in the crowd. Thanks everyone for making it a special night, celebrating the release Timothy's 

new EP "Semi Gloss". Thanks TCB: Bob OckerMichael Fergie Ferguson, Michael Spears & Sarah Gehri.


Love is in the Air! - Sept. 9, 2019

We are super excited about the new music video we shot last night! It's really nice to be able to

work with such talented people. Can't wait to share "You Took The "L" Out of Lover Now it's Over"

with everyone when it's finished. 

Thank You Valley FM 89.5 in Australia for all the LOVE! 

Sweet Sunday Sounds - VALLEY FM 89.5 (AUSTRALIA) Top 15 tracks this week (11 Sep).

"You Took The "L" Out of Lover Now it's Over" debuts at No#9


You Took The "L" Out of Lover Now It's Over - Sept. 5, 2019

We just released a new single out to the radio airwaves today!

"You Took The "L" Out of Lover Now It's Over", from Timothy's new EP Semi Gloss. We're excited about

this song (written by Timothy Craig and Billy Falcon), check it out where ever you get your music fix!
#TCB #Over #Lover #Radio #SemiGloss #GetYourFix #BillyFalcon


Whole Lotta Burbank Love - August 18, 2019

There was a whole lotta love at Joe's Great American Bar last night! Thanks everyone for filling

up the room and dance floor. The TCB had a great time and can't wait to play LA again real soon!

Next stop Nashville...    #TCB #Love #Burbank #SemiGloss


Brewing Up Songs from Semi Gloss - August 13, 2019

Big Thanks to KC Cafe Radio in Missouri for brewing up "Lazy Sunday"! Listen to KC Cafe Radio and request "Lazy Sunday" from their website www.kccaferadio.com/  We are also getting messages that

the radio station WRCO FM in Wisconsin, have been playing quite a few songs from the new album

Semi Gloss. Thank You WRCO! #TCB #SemiGloss #LazySunday #SayYoullComeWithMe 


"One Small Miracle"  Over 13,000 Views in Two Days! - August 12, 2019

We're not sure who shared the "One Small Miracle" music video, but THANK YOU EVERYONE!

Over 13,000 YouTube views, just during the weekend... #TCB #Angels #Miracles #MusicCity 

#Nashville #OneSmallMiracle #WhatLiftsYou #TheGulchNashville


IndieCast TV - "One Small Miracle" - August 6, 2019

IndieCast TV (a new music video platform) just added Timothy's "One Small Miracle" music video

to their programming! Watch it now from their website or from Timothy's YouTube channel.


Big Shout Out to... July 17, 2019 

Big Radio Indie Giant, American Veterans Radio, WRCO Radio in WI and Radio A1A in Islamorada, FL 

for adding "Say You'll Come With Me" to your new music programming and for continuously playing other singles from the new album Semi Gloss! #TCB #SemiGloss #LazySunday #SayYoullComeWithMe


Say You'll Come With Me, Around the World - July 15, 2019

Thank You! Valley FM in Australia, Galaxy FM in New Zealand, Way Out Radio in England,

Stephen Oropallo's Underground Show in San Diego and The Music Authority in Florida, 

for adding Timothy's new single "Say You'll Come With Me" to your radio stations playlist!

Re: New Single "Say You'll Come With Me"

"Adding to rotation playlist on indie station... awesome song... just playing it over and over... lol

Thanks Monie" - Indie & Country Music with Monie & Cynthia - United Kingdom Radio 


"Say You'll Come With Me" Hits Radio Today! - July 9, 2019

Timothy's second single "Say You'll Come With Me" from his new EP Semi Gloss went out to radio stations around the globe today.  The song was written by Timothy and songwriter Billy Falcon. The

first official single from Semi Gloss to go out to radio was "Lazy Sunday", which Timothy wrote himself.


"Lazy Sunday", All Sunday Long... June 24, 2019

A Big Shout Out to The Galaxy in New Zealand, The Basement Tapes in Missouri and Big Indie Giant Radio! What a wide range of radio stations from all around the world. Thank you all for featuring

Timothy's single "Lazy Sunday" from his new EP Semi Gloss on Sunday.  


Ocean Beach Radio on Timothy's New EP Semi Gloss - June 8, 2019

"Timothy Craig has the rare talent to concisely write a song and get you to volunteer to come along for the ride.", "Crisp writing, great vocals, good story lines and superb players and production make Craig stand out.", "He is worth a good long listen."  Ernie Hopseker - Ocean Beach Radio - Newport, OR


It's "Lazy Sunday" everyday in the UK...  - June 6 , 2019

THANK YOU, Indie & Country Music with Monie & Cynthia’s NEW MUSIC RADIO (United Kingdom)

"Lazy Sunday" from Timothy's new EP SEMI GLOSS, debuts at #3 on the Radio Indie Alliance Chart!

#TCB #SemiGloss #LazySunday #IndieMusic#RadioIndieAlliance


The Sweet Sunday Sounds of Lazy Sunday - June 2, 2019

Thank You, Sweet Sunday Sounds 89.5 FM in Australia for playing "Lazy Sunday" from the new EP

Semi Gloss! We appreciate all the love and support! Available Now @ iTunes, Amazon & Spotify...

#TCB #Rockin #SemiGloss #LazySunday #Australia #SweetSundaySounds


First Officially Released Single: Lazy Sunday - May 28, 2019

Today Timothy's first official single "Lazy Sunday", from his new EP Semi Gloss was released! The song went out to Radio Stations throughout America and Europe. We appreciate all the stations that have already been playing "Which Way Did They Go" among other songs from the EP, and hope they will also add "Lazy Sunday" to their playlist.


Wisconsin Love! - May 14, 2019

Thank You WRCO FM 100.9 in Richland Center, Wisconsin for adding "Which Way Did They Go"

from Timothy's  new album Semi Gloss into regular rotation! Available Now @ iTunes & Amazon.com

#TCB #Rockin #SemiGloss #WRCO #Wisconsin #RichlandCenter


Rockin' Australia at #2... May 7, 2019

Thank You Valley FM 89.5 - Sweet Sunday Sounds! "Which Way Did They Go" from Timothy's

New Album Semi Gloss, No#2 on the Radio Indie Alliance chart. We appreciate all the love! 
#TCB #Rockin #SemiGloss #Australia #SweetSundaySounds #RadioIndieAlliance 


#1 in the UK  "Which Way Did They Go"! - April 25, 2019

THANK YOU, Indie & Country Music with Monie & Cynthia’s NEW MUSIC RADIO (United Kingdom) "Which Way Did They Go" from Timothy's new album SEMI GLOSS, debuts at #1 #TCB #SemiGloss #UnitedKingdom


"Which Way Did They Go" #10 on Australia Countdown - April 17, 2019

Thank You Valley FM 89.5 - Sweet Sunday Sounds and Radio Indie Alliance! Nice to hear Timothy's

song "Which Way Did They Go", from his new album Semi Gloss is getting some love down under.

New Zealand Interview with New Single Debut - April 14, 2019

Join DJ Grant from Galaxy 107 FM, New Zealand and Singer/Songwriter Timothy Craig. They will be playing  Timothy's  single 💿 "WHICH WAY DID THEY GO" from his new album Semi Gloss! Grant

is looking forward to catching up again with Timothy visiting Galaxy, live via Skype from Nashville.

Join us: Sunday, April 14th. at 4pm, Nashville time. Monday 15 April at 10am. www.galaxyfm.co.nz


"Semi Gloss" Officially Released - April 1, 2019

What happens when you get great musicians/friends from the bands of Bob Seger, Sheryl Crow,

Keith Urban, Chris Stapleton and The Black Crowes, together in a Nashville studio with producer/engineer Peter Coleman and push record? Timothy's new album "Semi Gloss",

officially released today on iTunes and Amazon. #TCB #SemiGloss #Nashville #SingerSongwriter


SEMI GLOSS - Recorded, Mixed, Mastered, Done! - Feb. 13, 2019

Timothy's new seventh album/EP called "SEMI GLOSS", which was recorded in Nashville is all done!

The project only took about fifteen days to complete, but was spread out from October, 2018 through February, 2019. We are really excited to have everyone hear it and there are so many people to

Thank that lent their talents. All the songs were written by Timothy and a few with singer/songwriter Billy Falcon. It was recorded by Peter Coleman with Sam Martin, mixed by Peter Coleman - assisted by Brandon Epps and mastered by Richard Dodd. We should have it officially available on iTunes, Amazon, etc. by April. This One Rocks! 


Mixing Time! - Jan. 16, 2019

Everything is recorded and it's time to mix Timothy's new album! Peter Coleman assisted by

Brandon Epps will start on the first song today. Everything is right on schedule to release the

project by March 1st.